Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Best Way To Use My Kojic Acid Skin Bleach/Whitener Facial And Body Scrub LionPuss SkinCare

First of all let's talk about the color. The above picture shows when I had just made this scrub fresh. I use Real Kojic Acid and, real Kojic Acid does not remain white. Real Kojic Acid once mixed turns a Orange Brown and, that is how you can tell that it is real. Sometimes it will be light yellow if it is in a very small amount. I use 10 percent Kojic Acid in each jar so, it turns a dark orange brown because, of the concentrated amount. The jar is 36 OZ so, it is enough to last you for a whole month.

The Best Way To Use A Scrub-

The best way to use a body scrub is to always wet your body , and your fingers first. This will help the scrub to stay on your body. Always make sure that you rub the scrub into your body for at least 5 minutes and, let it sit on your body for another 5 minutes , so 10 minutes in total would be enough for good whitening/bleaching. After the 10 minutes put take your exfoliating gloves and, scrub each hand at a time before you put the gloves on then scrub your skin all over for a few minutes.

If Your Scrub Hardens-

If your scrub gets too hard or you want a more liquid consistency feel free to add some water to it. This will not harm the scrub at all , you might find that it works better for sticking to your skin when it is more liquid feeling.

How Often Should You Use The Scrub?-

You should use the scrub and night if you can , but at least once a day.  When you are bleaching/whitening your skin you need time , and patience. Getting your skin lighter/whiter takes time and, you need to have a good regime in place or else you will not be successful.

Should You Stay Out Of The Sun?-

ALWAYS AVOID THE SUN! The sun will destroy your progress , so either wear protective clothing or wear a good sun block. Neutrogena oil less SPF 50 or Banana Boat SPF 100. Please remember skin bleaching , and the sun do not go together. Your progress can be destroyed in 15 minutes , and your skin can , and will re darken ,so be mindful of this and, avoid contact with the sun as much as possible.

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