Sunday, August 28, 2016

LionPuss SkinCare Product Review Featuring My Client Sarata Sesay

This is a before and after of Sarata Sesay. I made a acne skin scrub with Kojic Acid to get rid of her acne ,and to brighten her skin. This is her progress after just a little over a month. You can watch the video reviews on her channel.

Here is my video that I made about her skin progress which you can click below.

Please visit my LionPuss SkinCare Website by clicking the link below.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Floridapie08's Honest Rise N Shine Online SkinCare Product Review

I was given free products from Rise N Shine Online to try out , so that I can give a honest review on their products. Please check them out via the links below. Also enjoy a 20 percent discount via the coupon codes. 
To order Rise N Shine Onlines Products Please click on the links below!

Bentonite Clay URL:

African Soap URL:

30% Vit C Serem URL:


The 20% off codes are:


Black soap: RNSASOAP

Castor oil: RNSCASTO

I really enjoyed using all of these products. One of the best things about them is that they come in huge sizes. The Black soap is a FULL POUND. The Indian Healing Clay is a  FULL POUND , and the 30 percent Vitamin C Serum is a huge 4 oz's. 

The products will have your skin really smooth, and beautiful after only a few uses. They really do work, they are all natural plant based products that your skin will love. 

Please check out my video review below. Also please check out their website.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Proper CleanStream Enema Bulb For Enema Solution For Skin Whitening

This is the proper bulb for doing a enema for skin whitening or cleaning with coffee in general. Please look at the first image, and you will see how big the opening is. This is perfect to pour the Enema solution in with no spills.

THIS IS NOT THE CORRECT ENEMA BULB..Please look at the small opening. It is going to be very hard to get the Enema solution into this type of bulb. Please only purchase the CleanStream Enema Bulb.

Please use the link below to purchase it.

To get the full Skin Whitening Kit, please check out my website.