Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Floridapie08 Skin Bleaching And Skin Whiteing 6 Month Skin Bleaching Update Video. LionPuss SkinCare Cosmetics

Floridapie08 6 month Skin Bleaching And Skin Whitening Skin Color Update. My before picture is on the left and my after picture is on the right.

On my video with my 6 month skin bleaching and skin whitening results, you can clearly see that it takes a lot of time money and effort to bleach your skin when you are doing it at home. I would like to stress to you to always have realistic expectations. Skin Bleaching does not happen overnight. If you are trying to get several shades lighter you will need to expect to have enough money and time to achieve your goals. Skin Bleaching is also not cheap and there are no short cuts. If anyone promises you results in 7 days you should surely run. No one can deliver on such a promise safely, because skin takes 30 days to renew itself therefore the only realistic option that you have is that you will at the least start to see results in 4 weeks. However for people with extremely dark skin it can take as long as 2 to 3 months for their skin to even start to show that it is getting lighter. Skin bleaching is slow and gradual especially if you are only using all natural plant based products. 

Please check out my video to view my results. I am not at my skin color goal which is to be pale/white with no color. At first I thought it would take a year to get to my goal, but I see now it is most likely going to take a year and a half or 2 years. I have patience, so all is well.

So far I have taken about 180 Glutathione enema's, used 6 jars of my Kojic Acid Scrub and 6 jars of my Kojic Acid Lotion. I make my own Skin Bleaching Products so I buy enough ingredients to make some for myself and enough to sell to others. If you were to purchase my skin bleaching system it would cost you $180.00 for the whole set which should last you a month. If you were to use the system for 6 months it would cost $1,080.00... Results vary based upon your skin tone, the thickness of your skin and many other factors. So please be realistic about your expectations. Some people can start to see results in 4 weeks, and others may start to see results in 2 to 3 months.


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Monday, November 14, 2016

LionPuss SkinCare Skin Whitening And Skin Bleaching Blog Warns You Of The Danger Of Mixing Black Soap With Kojic Acid Scrubs Or Kojic Acid Soaps


Be Careful With Kojic Acid!

Hello everyone,

This is just to show what Kojic Acid can do to your skin if you are not careful. Let me explain how the Kojic Acid burned my skin in 3 different places including my neck. In the morning I had scrubbed my skin with Black Soap. Later on that night I used my Kojic Acid Scrub. My face began to burn, but I continued to use the Kojic Acid Scrub on the rest of my body. When I finally washed everything off, my face was still burning and when I looked in the mirror it was a lot of redness. Burning my skin was a major setback as it takes my skin about a week to recover from burns. 

I will make a completely different blog to tell you how to handle a Kojic Acid burn to help the burn or burns heal up without leaving scars. 

What I want to say is NEVER use Black Soap and Kojic Acid on the same day. It will cause the Kojic Acid to burn your skin as these two products can not be mixed not even if you used the Black Soap many hours before you used the Kojic Acid Product. 

Never apply two different bleaching and whitening soaps on the same day even tho Black soap is not really sold as a Skin Bleach it is sold to correct dark spots and blemishes on the skin, so do take that into consideration as it can cause your skin to be burned if you put something like Kojic Acid on your skin later in the day. I would recommend that you wait 24 hours after using Black Soap for you to use any product that contains Kojic Acid

Be careful with your bleaching and I wish you the best with your Skin Whitening/Skin Bleaching Journey!

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