Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LionPuss SkinCares Glutathione Coffee Enema's Can Even Make Your Eyes Lighter!

Hello Lion And Lioness's!

Yes! My Glutathione is very high quality and is just that good to make not only your skin lighter, but also your eyes. Now keep in mind that results will vary and not everyone will get the same results.

When I first noticed my lighter eye color I really had no idea what caused it, but based upon my research Glutathione enema's can even lighten your eyes in two ways. First Glutathione Coffee Enema's can detox and clean out your liver therefore if your eyes are dark due to having a lot of toxins in your body than when you clear your liver/body of toxins you get rewarded by having lighter eyes. 

The next thing is that eyes get their color because of Melanin or lack of Melanin for lighter eyes. My eyes are losing Melanin and are getting lighter. This is not painful at all, and I do wear my contacts when I am outside at all times. I currently wear "Air Optix" color contacts, but soon I will just wear "Color Enhancers" or "Clear" contact lenses so that you can see my natural light colored eyes. 

Stay tuned for more updates! Watch this video for more info as well.

Talk to you later...With Florida Power and Light. "FPL".

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